TRVL celebrates 1,000,000 app installs and 100 magazines

TRVL celebrates 1,000,000 app installs and 100 magazines. Its #100 magazine just launched and is live in Newsstand -- a special about former BBC and Human Planet photographer Timothy Allen.

Hello World!

When TRVL was created by Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings in September 2010 it was the first iPad exclusive magazine in the world. It started from a spare bedroom and this week - two and a half years later - we are celebrating 1,000,000 app installs and our #100 magazine.

TRVL has a five-star rating and readers in 193 countries. It is a free pubication that is successfully selling advertisements at premium rates, most recently to British Airways, the German Tourist Board and Canon. 

TRVL's #100 magazine is a special about former BBC and Human Planet photographer Timothy Allen, who is now collaborating with TRVL. Tim selected 40 of his most beautiful images and talks about his life as a photographer.

In November 2012 TRVL launched on Prss, the publishing platform created by TRVL. Prss is a cloud-based tool - an end-to-end publishing solution which creates an amazing user experience and also handles the lay-out, monetization, workflow, distribution and metrics. In a few months it will become available - first for iPad, soon followed by iPhone, the Web and all other devices.

By creating TRVL from scratch and turning it into one of the most successful digital magazines, and by creating a brand new publishing platform that is trumping old tools on all levels, TRVL and Prss are leading in the digital age and are a showcase of what the digital future of publishing looks like.

""I have not seen a better travel magazine – it has incredibly high end picture content - and I like the fact it is free. That is the future - it must be." " Timothy Allen, former BBC Human Planet photographer
""For TRVL it is only just beginning. We have an amazing publishing tool, a great and very loyal readership and advertising is starting to come in. We'll grow our readership, grow our products and expand our distribution to all other digital devices." " Jochem Wijnands, co founder
""While 100 issues and 1million subscribers are significant milestones for TRVL, the figure that inspires us most is the five-star rating we continue to have from our readers. Our passion remains telling the story of each destination in a way that brings it alive and reveals our common humanity - something that obviously resonates with the TRVL community around the world."" Kieran Meeke, editor in chief
""I love the inspiration that we can share with our readers. Our team is focused to bring the best experience ever. The 5 star reviews we get on a daily basis is just amazing."" Michel Elings, co founder
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