TRVL celebrates 1,000,000 app installs and 100 magazines

11 April — TRVL celebrates 1,000,000 app installs and 100 magazines. Its #100 magazine just launched and is live in Newsstand -- a special about former BBC and Human Planet photographer Timothy Allen.

December 2012

  1. Dec 11

    Wat is het grootste Nederlandse tijdschrift...? Fout!

    TRVL is misschien wel het grootste blad van Nederlandse bodem. Wekelijks levert TRVL een magazine af bij haar ruim 775.000 abonnees (= geinstalleerde apps). De gemiddelde tijd die lezers in het blad doorbrengen is 20 minuten. Prss, de publishing tool die door TRVL is ontwikkeld, wordt nu gratis als platform beschikbaar gesteld aan iedereen die magazines op iPad (later ook iphone, android, web) wil publiceren.

June 2012

  1. Jun 13

    Apple says "Thank you TRVL" at WWDC in keynote speech

    During the 2012 WWDC in Moscone Center Apple played a video featuring 6 successful and noteworthy Apps. TRVL was the only magazine App that made it into this video.
  2. Jun 12

    Apple zegt "Thank you TRVL" tijdens keynote van de WWDC

    Tijdens de keynote speech van Apple op de WWDC werd een video gespeeld waarin een kleine selectie succesvolle en opvallende Apps werd genoemd. TRVL was de enige Nederlandse App die aan bod kwam en ook de enige Magazine App die genoemd werd in deze video en tijdens de gehele keynote.

February 2012

  1. Feb 10

    TRVL beats National Geographic and Flipboard

    This press release is not really about TRVL. It's about something much bigger. TRVL is just an example of things to come. (read on)

December 2011

  1. Dec 15

    The Winner of the Digital Travel Magazine of the Year Award is...

    After being rewarded by its readers with a 5-star rating for 365 days in a row, TRVL has now also been rewarded with the Travel Magazine of the Year Award.

November 2011

  1. Nov 24

    Apple's iPad Dreamjob! And the winner is...

    Kieran Meeke joined TRVL as Editor-in-chief, after ten years as Features Editor of UK's Metro, the world's largest free newspaper.
  2. Nov 09

    Apple Newsstand: slow death or a paid subscription?

    Imagine you are a FREE and successful iPad publication like TRVL. You want to get on Newsstand because you know it's likely to boast your downloads by 500% or more. Then you find out Newsstand is out of reach unless you offer a PAID subscription... But you really don't want your reader's money!!! What do you do? You turn it into something good and donate it to charity. (*) Newsstand requires a subscription, either paid or free, but TRVL's software supplier only supports paid subscriptions.

September 2011

  1. Sep 02

    Commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on iPad

    To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, TRVL publishes the photo book "The Truth about Afghanistan" on iPad. It is an uncensored report on Afghanistan through the eyes of acclaimed photographer Ton Koene, who first visited the country in 1996. TRVL is introducing a new product: "Coffee table books for the price of a coffee" "The Truth about Afghanistan" is TRVL's first photo book. TRVL's aim is to become a leading Publisher on iPad.

August 2011

  1. Aug 25

    TRVL wil het hoogst gewaardeerde blad op iPad blijven.

    Met een 5-star rating is TRVL het hoogst gewaardeerde blad op iPad. TRVL's lezers zijn unaniem positief over het blad en trouw aan het merk. TRVL wordt gelezen in 170 van de 193 landen die de wereld officieel telt, en de downloads doen niet onder voor de best presterende bladen op iPad. Toch vinden oprichters Jochem Wijnands en Michel Elings dat een nieuwe identiteit voor TRVL absoluut noodzakelijk is. Waarom? Omdat ze het hoogst gewaardeerde blad op iPad willen blijven.
  2. Aug 24

    How TRVL intends to stay the highest rated magazine on iPad.

    With a 5 star rating, TRVL is the highest customer rated magazine on iPad. Its readers are unanimously positive and loyal to the brand. TRVL has readers in 170 of the 193 official countries in the world, and its download numbers compete with the best performing magazines on iPad. Yet its founders, Michel Elings and Jochem Wijnands, decided that a new identity for TRVL was absolutely necessary. Why? Because they are keen to stay the highest rated magazine on iPad.

November 2010

  1. Nov 21

    TRVL iPad Magazine is a new Milestone in Publishing

    "TRVL is a milestone in Publishing" 1.TRVL publishes single articles rather than magazines. 2.TRVL is published by photographers and writers, not by a publishing house. 3.TRVL is exclusive to the iPad. 4.TRVL is free.